Gary Goodridge

Gary Goodridge: I wanted to do the opposite of what happened. Beat him and then step on his ass. He's like a homo, touching my ass. I beat Bernardo in the last match in 1 minute and 30 seconds but it took him 3 minutes this time. Looking at that, it was my victory. Next time, I want to fight him in PRIDE. Thanks to all the fans and Happy New Year. I want to fight in both K-1 and PRIDE next year. But I won't let him touch my ass. I hate homos.
Mike Bernardo: I feel good. I got revenge and was able to show everyone that I'm back. I found my path again and climbed my way back up. I wasn't happy with the decision last time so this time I wanted to KO him.
Pride Fighting Championships: It seemed that Gary's second had some words for you after the fight.
Bernardo: I didn't kick him. It was just a performance, just putting my foot on a fallen opponent and raising my hands. He didn't get hurt from that.
Pride: What's will you do next?
Bernardo: Next year I want to fight Sapp, Banner and Hoost to be K-1 Champion.