Mirko Filipovic

Message from Producers: (Kazuyuki Fujita) isn't hurt but he is shocked. He said he needs time to think things over so he can't be here. He's going to wrestle for New-Japan Pro-Wrestling on January 4th and said he will probably make his comments there.
Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic: I trained a lot and came to win. Regarding the stare-down at the beginning, this is a show and I was just returning his stare. I understood what Fujita was feeling but I am the one who won. The low-kick was risky and Fujita wanted to grab it. I thought that knees from the 4-points position were powerful and effective and I realized it again this time. I don't know how Fujita's condition was because last time only went 30 seconds but I am in top condition. I don't care who I fight next. I'll fight under K-1 rules or PRIDE rules.