Hidehiko Yoshida & Masaaki Satake

Hidehiko Yoshida: It's Yoshida's retirement match and I wanted everyone to have a good time but I came to win.
Pride Fighting Championships: What do you think of his kick in the beginning?
Yoshida: Satake kicked me and I paid him back. I didn't have much time to prepare and neither did Satake so I just didn't my normal training.
Pride: Who do you want to fight next?
Yoshida: I hope to fight Nogueira. And there's also Bob Sapp... Thank you.
M asaaki
Satake: I wanted to do more... When I saw Yoshida kick I thought we'd be able to have a stand-up fight but I couldn't get good distance and he got my legs. I thought I might be able to get my neck out when he grabbed it but his gi was in the way. Regardless, Yoshida was strong. His high-kick....well, I'd like to teach him how to do one. I think Yoshida's going to get even stronger. I hope that some karate fighter will appear and realize my dreams. That's why I want to teach but there're not too many people who will loan me a place.