Dan Henderson

Pride Fighting Championships: Why do they call you Hollywood?
Dan Henderson: I thought it was Dangerous Dan now. Really, I don't know.
Pride: Which one do you like better?
Henderson: I guess Dangerous Dan. Unless the Hollywood thing will get me in the movies.
Pride: What training have you been concentrating on?
Henderson: This training was a little different because he switches back and forth. He's fought as a right-hander and a left-hander although I think he's naturally right-handed. Against Renzo, he fought southpaw the whole fight.
Pride: What did you think of that fight?
Henderson: It was a little boring.
Pride: Do you think he has the power to knock you out?
Henderson: It seems like he knocked someone out before. He's got the power and I have to be careful of that but he hardly hit Renzo.
Pride: Do you think his kicks have power?
Henderson: They looked more like slapping kicks. Half of the guys I train with are left-handed and half are right-handed so I think I'm pretty prepared no matter which way he comes out. He's a little flashy which I tend to not do too much of. I don't have a big game plan as far as keeping him on his feet or taking it to the ground.
Pride: What can you do to him?
Henderson: I'm just going to go out there and fight aggressively, fight to finish him.
Pride: Do you think longhair is coming back in style?
Henderson: Are you making fun of me?
Pride: No??
Pride: What do you think was your easiest fight ever?
Henderson: I don't think I've had any easy ones. My first fight in RINGS was fairly easy. It was actually against a Greco-Roman wrestler who weighed 230 or so. I kneed him to the ribs and he fell down and tapped out.
Pride: Do you think your fight with Oyama will rank up there with that?
Henderson: It's hard to say. We'll have to see how it turns out.
Pride: Could you be more vague?
Henderson: No. (laughing) I think he doesn't have the name like most people that I've fought so he could be one of the more easier people.
Pride: Who have you been training with?
Henderson: I traveled a lot. I was here (Japan) a month ago for Pancrase. I was in Oregon training for about a week. I trained before that, too.
Pride: How's your conditioning?
Henderson: I'm in good shape. I would have like to have trained more but I was training last week in Oregon so it's not a problem.
Pride: Is it easier to talk smack to an interviewer or an opponent?
Henderson: An interviewer because he's not going to hit me back. (laughing)
Pride: Do you think it takes more courage to talk smack as opposed to guys who don't?
Henderson: That's a tough question. I think that probably once you talk smack, you have to try to back it up. I tend to just go out there and fight. Maybe it could be that they talk smack because they are trying to pump themselves up and make them think they are better than they really are rather than just going out and doing it.
Pride: It's the barking dog syndrome.
Henderson: I don't know. I just like to go out and fight. I've never been one to talk smack.