Fedor Emelianenko

Pride Fighting Championships: Why are you always smiling?
Emelianenko Fedor: I'm in a good mood. It's sunny today. It's good weather.
Pride: What do you think of doing interviews?
Emelianenko: I like it a little but not for the whole day.
Pride: What do you want to say to the fans that are going to watch you fight?
Emelianenko: What do they want to hear from me?
Pride: They want to hear what you do for fun, why are you in the martial arts business, why you like to punch, etc., etc.
Emelianenko: From my childhood, I grew up fighting. I boxed. I like to fight. I enjoy fighting and besides, I like to fight with famous sportsmen.
Pride: Michael Jordan?
Emelianenko: (laughing) No, with famous fighters! I would also like to say good wishes to the American people from Russia.
Pride: From Russia with love??. Did you see that movie?
Emelianenko: Yes, of course but I don't like James Bond.
Pride: Do you like Clint Eastwood?
Emelianenko: I prefer Bruce Willis or Mel Gibson.
Pride: Bruce Lee?
Emelianenko: No, not my style.
Pride: Are you married? Children?
Emelianenko: I have a little 3-year-old daughter.
Pride: Does she ever watch videos of you fighting?
Emelianenko: Yes, we always watch them.
Pride: Who's your favorite fighter in MMA and why?
Emelianenko: I like Nogueira and Vovchanchyn.
Pride: Nogueira is very good with submissions. How will you deal with his submissions?
Emelianenko: I don't know how the fight will turn out so I can't say. I do think most of the fight will be on the floor, though.
Pride: Will you be on top or bottom?
Emelianenko: I can do both.
Pride: Will you attempt any leg locks since you have a sambo background?
Emelianenko: I can use different techniques.
Pride: Okay. If you beat Nogueira, who do you think deserves a shot at the title?
Emelianenko: I have to win the fight first. We can discuss it after that.