Nino Schembri

Pride Fighting Championships: Do you train with Renzo in New York?
Nino Schembri: Yes but I live in Brazil. I won a jiu-jitsu tournament last weekend.
Pride: Yeah, I heard it was a big turnout.
Schembri: No points, all submissions.
Pride: What was the name of the tournament?
Schembri: I don't know but it was a Gracie tournament with gi's. The only thing you get points were for getting the mount and the back. The only way to win was to get 16 points or tap the other guy.
Pride: How many fighters were there?
Schembri: 4 fighters in my weight class.
Pride: Was there any time limit?
Schembri: No.
Pride: It must have been a long night. How did you win?
Schembri: Both time by arm bars.
Pride: Kazushi Sakuraba has never lost to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He beat Conan. He beat all the Gracies. Why will you beat him?
Schembri: I trained to beat him. I don't know how it will turn out but I always trained with the image of beating him.
Pride: What will be your weight for the fight?
Schembri: 85 kilos.
Pride: After you beat Sakuraba, what would you like to do next in Pride?
Schembri: I'll fight anyone who is in my weight class.
Pride: What is your prediction for Anderson Silva versus Carlos Newton?
Schembri: Anderson.
Pride: Knock out?
Schembri: I think so.
Pride: Would you like to fight Anderson Silva?
Schembri: It doesn't matter to me.
Pride: Have you been training in striking?
Schembri: Boxing, of course. I have a kickboxing coach.
Pride: Ok, good luck.