Kevin Randleman

Pride Fighting Championships: There's a lot of attention on this fight. Is there anything you'd like to say that you haven't said already?
Kevin Randleman: No.
Pride: You've said everything?
Randleman: No, I'm beyond that childish stage of me always talking shit. Instead of always huffing and puffing and trying to prove to people that I'm tough, that I've got what it takes, I'm just going to shut up and show them who I am.
Pride: What do you do to relax in your spare time?
Randleman: I like to be with my friends. When you've got strong people around you, it's easy to relax. When you've got weak ass people, asking for this and that, it's not good. I surround myself with the strongest people, whether they are a trainer, a banker or a doctor. Everyone around me has direction and drive. They always want to be the best and that really helps me because I want to be the best. I continue to train and stay mentally focused. Before, I was continuously sidetracked because everyone wants a piece of you when you're good. When I'm up everyone wants to kiss my butt and when I'm down no one wants to touch me. I like to watch TV, watch DVDs, read books and play with my kids.
Pride: What's your favorite book that you've read lately?
Randleman: 48 Laws of Power and I don't remember who wrote it but anybody who's looking to succeed should get it.
Pride: Is it a motivational book? Fiction?
Randleman: It's a motivational book and it's all real. It tells you different things from history, small little things about Napoleon, Hitler, Chinese and Japanese Empires. The one I like is about crushing your enemies. Don't leave one smoldering coal because it will start a fire and burn you. So, I want to crush my opponents. I want everyone who fights me, to not want to fight me again.
Pride: Have you ever met an enemy that you couldn't crush?
Randleman: Fucking never. Because I look at it that everyone has one weakness. My weakness is that I'm not afraid. As soon as I feel your animosity towards me, I'm ready. As far as an enemy, I don't have very enemies. If I do have an enemy, they don't like to let me know. Lots of great leaders lost because they got too complacent and thought they were "the man". I know I'm not "the man". Even if I had the belt, I wouldn't be "the man" because when you're on top, that's when everyone's shooting at you. There's always going to be someone out there who can take you.
Pride: Do you see Quinton backing up in this fight?
Randleman: No. Well, once I touch him he's going to back up. But he's going to come to the middle when the bell rings. He's never fought anyone like me. He fought Vovchanchyn and I think that literally Vovchanchyn came into the fight thinking he should be smaller and in better shape. The things that Quinton likes to do are the things that I like to do. And, I'm in the top of my class. The dangerous people are the ones that want to learn and I'm still learning.