Quinton Jackson

Pride Fighting Championships: What's your strongest punch?
Quinton Jackson: My uppercut, I guess.
Pride: Left or right?
Jackson: Right.
Pride: Did you knock out Cyril Abidi with it?
Jackson: No, that was a hook. My uppercuts haven't knocked anyone out with it but it's pretty strong
Pride: You wanted to do some shout outs, right?
Jackson: Yeah, I wanted to say thank you to my sponsors,, and Unbreakable Professional Mouthpieces.
Pride: You seem to walk a fine line between a tough guy and being a kid. How is that possible?
Jackson: Sometimes I try to relive a childhood that I never had but sometime I've got to be a man. I can relax and be myself, at the same time.
Pride: Ok, what are you going to do in the fight? Start throwing bombs or go for the takedown?
Jackson: I don't care what he does. I'm not worried about it. If he takes me down, I'll try to beat him up on the ground or submit him. If I feel like I can do anything, I'm going to stand my ass back up. I'm going out there to fight. I'm not worried about whether he's going to take me down or not. If he tries to punch with me, I'll do it. I'm going to do my fight, what I want to do. If I want to go to the ground, I'm pretty comfortable on my back. If he gets a takedown, I'm not going to throw my plans out the window.
Pride: You train submissions?
Jackson: Yeah, I train in jiu-jitsu. I'm not real good at it like most people but I know enough. I'm still learning.
Pride: Enough to stay away or enough to attack?
Jackson: I know enough to do both and stay out of submissions. Not to say that I'll ever get them but I've won a few fights by submissions.
Pride: Do you think punching power is God-given or can a weak puncher can learn to hit hard?
Jackson: My coach said that it's God-given but you can help it with exercises.
Pride: Your fight with Randleman is a competitive fight for many reasons. You both know how to promote. You both come from wrestling backgrounds. You both are flamboyant. You're both top 10 fighters. Do you think this fight is more important than the title fight in terms of your own prestige?
Jackson: No, I don't think it's more important. I think it's tougher than a title fight. I think Randleman's a lot tougher fight than Wanderlei because of his style. He could take me down and stall. I'm not worried about getting hurt by Randleman but he can get on top of you and stall and get points. Wanderlei, if you lose a fight to him, you're probably going to get hurt. But, Randleman, you'll probably lose by points and just get pissed off.
Pride: So, the fight where you don't get hurt is tougher than a fight where you would get hurt?
Jackson: Yeah, because you lose. You can lose to Randleman easily if he just takes you down. With Wanderlei, I'd have a chance to do more shit. I don't think Wanderlei would try to take me down unless I hit him with a good shot. Then he might try a takedown and that would just embarrass him.
Pride: What did you think of Wanderlei's fight with Cro Cop?
Jackson: I think Cro Cop was nervous. I think if Cro Cop would have waited a while. He doesn't worry about being on his back now. He's studying jiu-jitsu. I think if Cro Cop hadn't been worried about the takedown, he would have beaten the shit out of Wanderlei.
Pride: Anything else you'd like to say?
Jackson: I'd like to say hello to my family in Memphis and my friends in Orange County. And happy birthday to Javier.