Kenichi Yamamoto

Pride Fighting Championships: How are you?
Kenichi Yamamoto: Fine. I've got a bit of a cold now.
Pride: What is your weight?
Yamamoto: 90 kilos.
Pride: You're coming off 3 straight losses. Does that put more pressure on that fight?
Yamamoto: Yes, it does. Of course I feel pressure to win this time. However, I couldn't fight at my best weight in the previous fights. This time I'll be at 90 kilos, which is my best weight, and I'll able to move around smoothly. I think I've done my training well for this fight.
Pride: What is your personal feeling about Alexander Otsuka?
Yamamoto: We're both Japanese and both feel strongly about fighting. I respect him on many levels.
Pride: Does that mean the fight will not be as exciting as if you didn't respect him?
Yamamoto: I think this fight will be more exciting because it's hard to imagine how the fight will be when I don't respect my opponent. The reason that I respect Alexander is because he always fights head on. This time I also expect him to come straight out against me. I think I can fight well against this kind of fighter.
Pride: Anything new or special about your training?
Yamamoto: I trained on a snowy mountain for 3 months, chopping wood, and strengthened my right arm.
Pride: What do you think will be the best fight of the night, besides yours?
Yamamoto: Nogueira versus Fedor. Fedor's a soldier and he's been trained to kill on the battlefield. He's got that kind of mentality. Nogueira's an athlete. I'll be curious to see how that fighting spirit will affect a real athlete.