Akira Shoji

Pride Fighting Championships: You look very healthy.
Akira Shoji: I am healthy.
Pride: In your last fight, you look very prepared before the fight but your were quickly submitted.
Shoji: Yes, that's right.
Pride: How did that affect you?
Shoji: I really thought I was going to win before that fight. I couldn't believe what happened.
Pride: Did it have any long-lasting negative effects?
Shoji: When it was over, I couldn't stop crying. After I took a shower, though, I realized that there's no point in regretting what happened and decided to move on.
Pride: Are you still training with Matt Hume?
Shoji: Yes.
Pride: Who will be in your corner?
Shoji: Matt will be there.
Pride: Alex Stiebling came into PRIDE and beat Goes and Wallid. Then he was called the Brazilian Killer. Then he was stopped (by Anderson Silva). He's also lost several of his last few fights. Do you think this is a crossroad for him?
Shoji: I guess it's an important fight for both of us.
Pride: Where do you think Alex is most dangerous?
Shoji: He's got a lot of stamina and heart. Whoever loses heart first will lose.
Pride: What have you done differently since the last fight?
Shoji: I think I became a little better in everything and I followed Matt Hume's instructions.