Kazushi Sakuraba

Pride Fighting Championships: Are all your injuries completely healed?
Kazushi Sakuraba: No, not yet.
Pride: Still smoking?
Sakuraba: I don't call it smoking. I prefer to say that I'm "taking protein supplements." (laughing)
Pride: So, smoking...oops, "taking protein supplements" makes your lungs better, right?
Sakuraba: That's right. My lungs get better and I also gain muscle!
Pride: Drinking?
Sakuraba: I haven't been drinking recently. Do you expect something of me?
Pride: No. It's just that smoking, drinking and not being completely healed is not a very good combination for a professional fighter.
Sakuraba: That's how I get rid of stress.
Pride: What about your stamina?
Sakuraba: So-so.
Pride: What's new in your life?
Sakuraba: I gained some weight and it affects my car's fuel consumption.
Pride: (laughing) Did you get fat or gain muscle?
Sakuraba: Both. I think I'm very tasty meat, now. Like Filet.
Pride: Do you play a musical instrument?
Sakuraba: No.
Pride: What about singing?
Sakuraba: Karaoke. I like to sing the Ultraman theme song or Kamen-Rider.
Pride: When are you going to come to the United States again?
Sakuraba: I don't have any plans to do so at this time. It's too far.
Pride: How's your eye?
Sakuraba: It's completely fine.
Pride: Realistically, what do you think Elvis' chances are of beating you?
Sakuraba: A lot. I've got a lot and he's got a lot. The match will be decided by whether we can take advantage of any chances.
Pride: Will it be a ground fight?
Sakuraba: I don't know. It depends on weather he tries to hit me in the eye or take me down.