Shungo Oyama

Pride Fighting Championships: What's your weight?
Shungo Oyama: 93 kilos.
Pride: Since last time, what did you work on?
Oyama: I've been working out at Kosaka's place a bit, doing groundwork. Also rehabilitating my arm.
Pride: How long did it take to heal the arm?
Oyama: 2 months. It's fine now.
Pride: Any striking?
Oyama: I trained in Okinawa at Hiranaka's place. He was a boxing World Champion. I trained there for 10 days.
Pride: How's Kosaka doing?
Oyama: We sparred together and he taught me some ground techniques.
Pride: How's your golf game?
Oyama: I don't play golf!
Pride: Is there a lot of pressure on your, here in Japan, to win?
Oyama: Yes. I think there're a lot of expectations from the fans. I tried to fulfill their expectations but I couldn't. Now I'm getting used to that and relaxing more.
Pride: What is the worst thing that Dan Henderson could do to you in the ring?
Oyama: His striking is very good so I want to avoid him when he rushes in.
Pride: Who do you think is more dangerous, Wanderlei or Henderson?
Oyama: They're both dangerous. I really look up to Dan Henderson so I want to fight him with everything I've got.
Pride: You were a model before, right?
Oyama: No...
PRIDE: What about acting?
Oyama: I studied it but haven't acted in anything.
Pride: What about kung fu movies?
Oyama: Yeah, I want to make them. I want to star with Jackie Chan.
Pride: Did you train with Sakuraba this time?
Oyama: No, this time I trained mostly with Kosaka.
Pride: Have you ever thought about pro-wrestling?
Oyama: I like to watch it but I don't think I'd be very good in pro-wrestling.
Pride: Do you think the judo-world would be angry at you if you did pro-wrestling?
Oyama: That's true.
Pride: What about Ogawa?
Oyama: In my opinion, I would prefer that Ogawa fight in PRIDE, not in pro-wrestling.