Alexander Otsuka

Pride Fighting Championships: Hi.
Alexander Otsuka: I didn't think I would see you again so soon.
Pride: Well, you're proven, even though you lost. Your standup improved. You look happy today.
Otsuka: I was looking forward to taking this interview! (laughing)
Pride: Both you and Yamamoto came from pro-wrestling. Does that give this fight any extra meaning?
Otsuka: Not really.
Pride: He respects you a lot. He said that you have a lot of heart. What about you?
Otsuka: Yes, I respect him.
Pride: Do you think all that mutual-respect may make this fight boring?
Otsuka: He hasn't fought much lately so I've only seen a few of his fights. I don't tap very easily and I don't think he is either. I saw his fight with Randleman and he endured a lot. Our fight maybe be boring, as you said, with us just comparing who can endure more but I hope to prevent that.
Pride: You've got a lot of losses but the crowd enjoys watching you fight. Why do you think that is?
Otsuka: Maybe because I try to make all my fights ones that will stay in the fans' memories for a long time.
Pride: Do you think there are fighters who are technically good, but not exciting, that are jealous of you? They think it's all about technique and not entertainment?
Otsuka: You're talking about Kikuta again, aren't you?! (laughing)
Pride: Do you make more money than he does?
Otsuka: I don't know but I probably get more jobs. He doesn't express his anger on the outside so maybe he's suppressing his feelings.
Pride: In your mind, how do you envision Sakuraba's fight with Elvis Schembri?
Otsuka: I think it will be an exciting fight, like when he fought Newton. However, it depends on how Sakuraba's physical recovery is coming along.
Pride: Anything else floating around in your head that you would like to say?
Otsuka: I envision myself fighting Wanderlei Silva again and winning.
Pride: When?
Otsuka: I haven't thought that far.
Pride: PRIDE will have 2 tournaments this year. Would you like to see PRIDE have an all-Japan tournament, like K-1 does?
Otsuka: Yes. I think that would be better for the Japanese fans and the Japanese fighters.
Pride: Who would win? Shoji, Matsui, Kikuta....Otsuka.
Otsuka: Everybody has to fight each other? I would like to win.
Pride: Who is the strongest fighter of all the people who have fought in PRIDE?
Otsuka: Coleman in the first Grand Prix.
Pride: And the weakest?
Otsuka: Me against Guy Mezger in PRIDE 12.
Pride: Anything else you want to say?
Otsuka: Last year and this year, WWE came to Japan. I dream on being in the WWE ring, one day.
Pride: You should work on your English a little bit. Especially cursing. All 4-letter words.
Otsuka: I was like that when I was in Mexico. "Fuck your mother" in Spanish. Those were the first things I learned.