Kazuhiro Nakamura

Pride Fighting Championships: Any injuries?
Kazuhiro Nakamura: No.
Pride: That's good. Have you been learning striking?
Nakamura: Yes, I've been practicing a lot.
Pride: How old are you?
Nakamura: 24.
Pride: What did you learn from your fight with Nogueira?
Nakamura: Striking was very scary but I'm more relaxed now since I fought in K1.
Pride: What is your favorite alcohol?
Nakamura: Shochu, a Japanese liquor.
Pride: What do you do in your free time?
Nakamura: Watching movies, drinking, having parties with single females.
Pride: That's a good combination. You can start out with the movies then mix the last two. When not thinking about women, what would be your dream submission?
Nakamura: He's a ground-fighting professional so I'd rather wear him down with striking and then go for a submission.
Pride: Wearing a gi?
Nakamura: No. Only in the entrance.
Pride: Do you use nunchakus?
Nakamura: No. No weapons.
Pride: You've drawn the biggest Gracie. Are you going to try to box with Daniel?
Nakamura: I'm comfortable fighting him standing up.
Pride: What is your entrance music?
Nakamura: A Beethoven piece.
Pride: Have you seen Daniel's fights?
Nakamura: Yes, both.
Pride: What is his most dangerous weapon?
Nakamura: Jiu-jitsu techniques from the ground.