Anderson Silva

Pride Fighting Championships: What's your weight?
Anderson Silva: 85 kilos.
Pride: What do you think of fighters who make personal comments before a fight?
Silva: I think they are like dogs and I'm not afraid of such dogs. Fighters should just be themselves and fight. Winning the fight is the best way to appeal to the fans.
Pride: What do you think of Newton, as a man?
Silva: I don't know him personally, so I can't make any comments.
Pride: Do you have any injuries?
Silva: No, I'm fine.
Pride: How is Ninja doing?
Silva: He's good. He can fight anytime.
Pride: What do you do besides fighting?
Silva: I teach the younger members of Chute Boxe. Other than that, I'm always training.
Pride: Nothing else? Something other than fighting that is fun.
Silva: Oh, I play video games and play with my kids.
Pride: How many kids?
Silva: Three, 2 boys and 1 girl.
Pride: Are your boys going to be fighters?
Silva: That will be their decision to make. It's not something I can decide.