Carlos Newton

Pride Fighting Championships: In your opinion, who is the most intelligent fighter in MMA and why?
Carlos Newton: I'd say Randy. He's shown a remarkable ability to adapt.
Pride: Where would you rank yourself?
Newton: Number 2.
Pride: What would it take to be number 1?
Newton: I have to show that I'm capable of carrying myself to the degree that he has at his age after such accomplishments.
Pride: What do you think of fighters that aren't humble?
Newton: I believe they lack self-confidence. Also, it's covering up. Fighters should be themselves. They should have respect for their opponent and know that there is strength in weakness and weakness in strength.
Pride: Do you think there's a place in the sport for that in the sport, for entertainment value?
Newton: For the humble person?
Pride: No, for the not-humble person?
Newton: Yeah, fans are just as diverse as fighters are and we need guys to cater to all the personalities out there.
Pride: How will the fight with Anderson be different than the fight with Pele?
Newton: The fight with Anderson will have a lot more energy. It's probably going to be a much faster paced fight.
Pride: Any predictions?
Newton: I see Anderson growing weaker as the match goes on and I'll be able to attack from a good position and win by either a submission or TKO.
Pride: What's your weight for the fight?
Newton: I'm 190 lbs now.
Pride: Do you think this could be the unsaid lightweight championship of Pride?
Newton: Yes, definitely.
Pride: What do you think of his striking ability?
Newton: It's very good. He's very accurate, very precise. Probably not the most power that I've faced but enough there to respect, to do damage.
Pride: Are you going to shoot in on him?
Newton: No, probably not.
Pride: Arm bars and leg locks?
Newton: No, I'm going to go up to the front door with guns blazing.
Pride: What did the loss to Hughes do to you?
Newton: It taught me the need to balance the training more. Don't take your other abilities for granted.
Pride: You are trying to get into medical school, right?
Newton: Yes.
Pride: What field of medicine do you want to study?
Newton: Geriatrics. I appreciate the company of older people, their experience, and their knowledge. I learn from their mistakes.
Pride: What do you think of the Yoda character?
Newton: : He's the best.
Pride: Do you think it will be hard for you to stop fighting?
Newton: It might be hard.
Pride: What would make you stop?
Newton: Owning my own dojo. Age and family will probably determine when I stop.