Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Antonio Nogueira: I was sick before my last fight. Japan is very cold and Brazil is in the middle of summer and that makes it very hot. I had a little sinus infection then but now I'm at 100%. I was recently sick the last time but I made a promise with the fans to fight. I felt that I had to fight even if my health was bad. I'm at 100%, physically and technically, for this match.
Pride Fighting Championships: I heard that you recently perfected the crucifix?
Nogueira: It's not perfected but it's the first submission I won with in a Vale Tudo fight. I also used it in my fight with Dan Henderson. It's a variation of one of my techniques. Fedor's a strong fighter and has a lot of skill so at this moment I can't say what's the best technique for me to use. Fedor is very dangerous. Even on the ground, he's very dangerous. If I see an opening or if he makes a mistake, I'll make my move.
Pride: Bob Sapp will apparently be coming to watch the fight. He said that he wants to get revenge.
Nogueira: If that's what he wants, I don't really have any problem with that. I've beaten him once. The next time will be the same result. No matter how many times we fight, I will win. As long as he's alive, he won't be able to beat me.