Anderson Silva

Pride Fighting Championships: Have you done any special training for your fight with Newton?
Anderson Silva: I haven't done anything special, just training as usual. I just want to fight.
Pride: Your entrance always reminds us of Michael Jackson. What will you do this time?
Anderson: I'm not going to do it this time. I'm only want to focus on winning this time. I hope the fans won't be disappointed.
Pride: What do you think of Newton?
Anderson: He is one of the most complete fighters in PRIDE. He's got great techniques and he can deal with any situation.
Pride: How do you plan on winning?
Anderson: My techniques just come out naturally during the fight. I don't want to think about just one technique. Whatever comes out in the fight, that's what I want to finish him with.
Pride: Did Wanderlei Silva give you any advice?
Anderson: Wanderlei told me to be violent.
Pride: What are your plans for after this fight?
Anderson: I'm going to fight on April 12 in Brazil. It will be a muay thai tournament called "STORM". I'll be in the 85 kilo class.
Pride: You're going to fight muay thai?
Anderson: I want to fight in the K-1 Grand Prix, after I gain some weight. I practiced with Jefferson Tank, the recent winner of the K-1 Brazil tournament and he was no problem at all.
Pride: Finally, any message for your fans?
Anderson: I just want to give a good fight. I fight for the fans, for my team and for my 3 children!