Wanderlei Silva

Pride Fighting Championships: Why are you in Japan?
Wanderlei Silva: I'm her to be Anderson's second and to see who my next opponent will be.
Pride: You had surgery on your knee, right?
Silva: I had surgery in December of last year. It's almost healed now.
Pride: What was wrong with your knee?
Silva: I damaged a ligament in the back of my knee when I fought Kanehara in PRIDE 23.
Pride: When will you be able to fight again?
Silva: Probably around August.
Pride: Will it be a title match?
Silva: I imagine so.
Pride: Whoever wins the match between Kevin Randleman and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson may be the next challenger for your Middleweight Championship. Who do you think will win?
Silva: I think whoever wins will probably fight me. I think Randleman will win. Rather, I want him to win. I think we would have a better fight.
Pride: Who do you think will win between Sakuraba and Schembri?
Silva: I think Sakuraba will win. Sakuraba has better standing skills.