Kevin Randleman

Pride Fighting Championships: This is your 4th consecutive appearance. How's your conditioning?
Randleman: Great. The more active I am, the better I keep my level up. I'm going to fight hard for all the fans that come out to watch.
Pride: So, you're fighting Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, a very tough opponent.
Randleman: I'm excited. I think he's one of the top guys in the middleweight division. And I've got to give a top fight.
Pride: What's your impression of Quinton?
Randleman: He comes straight out. He's a man. Most guys get nervous when they fight me but Quinton won't.
Pride: What kind of fight do you plan on?
Randleman: I want to end it early. KO! I want to finish it in the 2nd round. Quinton and me will fight aggressively. When the bell rings, we can go straight out to the middle and start punching.
Pride: The winner of this fight may get a shot at the Middleweight Champion. Do you feel any pressure because of that?
Randleman: No. What I can say is that I think Quinton is tougher than Wanderlei. Whether I win or Quinton wins, Wanderlei is going to get KO'd. He's going to be in big trouble.
Pride: So, you think you can beat Wanderlei?
Randleman: Of course.
Pride: Any message for your fans?
Randleman: I'm glad I can be here. For the fans who make this fun and for my family and friends, I'm going to turn into a wild beast this Sunday.