Nino Schembri

Pride Fighting Championships: Your match with Sakuraba is nearly here.
Nino Schembri: I think it's going to be a great fight. I'm proud to fight Sakuraba. He has a great record in PRIDE. I hope to beat him with a submission.
Pride: How did you feel when the match was decided?
Schembri: I thought it is a really big chance.
Pride: Is there anything that you've worked on in preparation for Sakuraba?
Schembri: Nothing special. The same ground and standing practice as always. I've got confidence if we just trade punches, too.
Pride: Would you rather win standing or on the ground?
Schembri: On the ground, of course. I want to get a submission but more that than, I just want to win. Sakuraba is a superb fighter. I have a lot of respect for him.
Pride: Sakuraba said that he's not going to use striking. What do you think of that?
Schembri: That's what I hope for. I'll be waiting for him on the ground.
Pride: What's your best technique?
Schembri: Arm lock.
Pride: Have you found Sakuraba's weak points?
Schembri: I've watched his videos but I haven't broken him down in detail. The more important thing is how I use my jiu-jitsu techniques.
Pride: What's your weight now?
Schembri: About 85 kilos.
Pride: I think Sakuraba is about 5 kilos heavier than you.
Schembri: I don't think that 5 kilos is that big of a difference.
Pride: Do you think you can finish it in the first round?
Schembri: I want to finish it as soon as possible but I'm ready to go the full 20 minutes if I have to.
Pride: Have you seen the PRIDE 13 fight where Sakuraba fought Silva?
Schembri: I saw it. That was incredible. Sakuraba tried to stand with him. His striking is good but Wanderlei is the best striker in PRIDE. I don't think he should have stuck with striking in that fight.
Pride: Would you like to fight Wanderlei Silva if you win this fight?
Schembri: Silva is at the top of the middleweight class. Like all other fighters, I want to be at the top too.
Pride: Did you get any advice from Renzo Gracie?
Schembri: I talked with him on the phone. He's gong to be my second during the fight.
Pride: Renzo lost to Sakuraba. Do you feel that you have to get revenge for that?
Schembri: If you get too emotional, your body will get tight. I'm trying not to think about things like that.
Pride: When did you become an Elvis Presley fan?
Schembri: I went on a vacation with my friend to Hawaii in 1989. I saw Elvis' summer home. That was the first time I learned about Elvis and the more I learned about him, the bigger a fan I became. He's the king. He was limited to a genre. He's the greatest performer in history.
Pride: And you want to become the kind of MMA.
Schembri: I'm already the king! (laughing)
Pride: When did you start growing out your sideburns?
Schembri: I've been growing them since about 5 years ago. It's important to shave them occasionally to make them thick. But, if my girlfriend asked me to give it up, I would.
Pride: Are you gong to dress like Elvis for your entrance?
Schembri: I can't tell you exactly but it will be a really formal Elvis. Elvis is a part of me whether I win or lose. Elvis isn't dead. He's alive in Hawaii or somewhere. At least, that's what I think.
Pride: What's your favorite song?
Schembri: Suspicious Mind.
Pride: Any message for the fans?
Schembri: I'll do my best this Sunday and deliver a show on the way to victory.