Alistair Overeem

Pride Fighting Championships: Do you ever roll with Heath?
Alistair Overeem: Sometimes.
Pride: You guys mix up your standing & ground training, right?
Overeem: Yeah, vale tudo training.
Pride: You were going to fight Arona, a grappler but this guy, Bencic, is a kick boxer. Does that change your plan?
Overeem: It changes the game completely. I just make my own plan and don't let my opponent use his plan. If this guy wants to stand up, that's fine with me. If he wants to go on the ground, that's fine with me, too.
Pride: If you had a preference, would you rather fight on the ground or stand up?
Overeem: Stand up. I like to strike.
Pride: Why?
Overeem: I don't know. I just like it. It makes me feel good. A KO win makes me feel better than when I submit someone.
Pride: What's your brother up to?
Overeem: Training and building his house. He's fighting this Sunday in Holland.
Pride: Interesting. Both of you guys are fighting on the same day at different events around the world. The Grand Prix tournament is coming up. Are you going to be a part of that?
Overeem: I hope so. I'm training hard for it. I have to knock this guy out first.
Pride: What do you know about this guy?
Overeem: He's good standing up and on the ground because he's Cro Cop's ground trainer. I don't think he's as good as me standing up, though. I've got a feeling that he's going to try to take me down.
Pride: What did it feel like when Volk threw that spinning heel kick?
Overeem: It surprised me. He didn't make any movement before he kicked. He always does that kick so I knew it was coming but usually people make some movement before they do that kick. I had my hands high so I was ok. It was hard, though.
Pride: Yeah, it was. It knocked you down but it didn't hurt you. Have you ever though about doing stuff like that in the ring?
Overeem: I can do that kick. If you're facing a standing guy, you can do it. If you're facing a grappler and you miss, you're on the ground.
Pride: Unless he's tired.
Overeem: Right, then you can do it.
Pride: Do you think your most devastating strike is your knee?
Overeem: I think so. I've got the most KOs with them.