Mokhail Iliokhine

Pride Fighting Championships: How many MMA fights have you had?
Mikhail Illoukhine: 23 or 24 fights.
Pride: How many losses?
Illoukhine: No.
Pride: What's your game plan against Quinton Jackson?
Illoukhine: It depends on how the fight goes. I have many variations.
Pride: Where is he most dangerous?
Illoukhine: I can't really predict what he's going to do.
Pride: You're from sambo, right?
Illoukhine: Yes.
Pride: Are you going to try to leg lock him?
Illoukhine: If I can.
Pride: What's it like training with Fedor?
Illoukhine: We live in different cities so we rarely train together. About 600 kilometers apart.
Pride: What is your favorite fight that you've been in?
Illoukhine: They were all good.
Pride: Did Ricardo Morais gouge your eye?
Illoukhine: No, he fish hooked me. The referee didn't see it.
Pride: I think you were winning the fight until then. Do you think you would have won the fight?
Illoukhine: Yes.
Pride: Were you excited about beat Igor Vovchanchyn?
Illoukhine: Yes, of course. It was the first MMA fight organized in Russia.
Pride: How would you compare your takedown ability to Kevin Randleman, who Quinton Jackson recently beat?
Illoukhine: I haven't seen that fight yet because I took this fight on short notice.
Pride: What do you do in your free time?
Illoukhine: Fishing.
Pride: Saltwater?
Illoukhine: No, river fishing.
Pride: Is it cold in your hometown?
Illoukhine: Yes, it's cold. When I called home yesterday they said it was -3 degrees.
Pride: You must have become a fighter because you are angry at the weather all the time (laughing).
Illoukhine: (laughing) No. Americans always say that Russians fight or drink vodka because it's cold but it's not true!