Daijyu Takase

Pride Fighting Championships: What do you think of Rodrigo?
Daiju Takase: He's the strongest Gracie out of the 5.
Pride: What did you think of your last victory?
Takase: I just did what I always practice.
Pride: Have you done any special training this time?
Takase: A lot of striking training.
Pride: Japanese or American women?
Takase: Japanese.
Pride: Ok, just asking. Who have you been training with?
Takase: Yoshida.
Pride: Is his knee okay?
Takase: Yeah, it's okay.
Pride: You've always fought high-level opponents.
Takase: I'd like to fight some weaker guys but I always get the strong ones.
Pride: What were you thinking when Emanuel Yarbrough fell on you?
Takase: It was like a Spielberg movie.
Pride: What other hobbies do you have?
Takase: Music.
Pride: Do you play any instruments?
Takase: Piano. I also like to listen to contemporary Christian music.
Pride: What is your favorite number?
Takase: 1.
Pride: What does it mean to represent Team Japan in BUSHIDO?
Takase: It's not a group match. It's an individual match. I'm just focused on giving a good show.
Pride: Did everyone train together?
Takase: No but I have trained with all of them individually.
Pride: Did you play any other sports growing up?
Takase: No.
Pride: What was your first martial art?
Takase: MMA from when I was 18.
Pride: How do you want to finish your fight?
Takase: It's likely the match will stall but KO from punches would be nice, though.