Kazuyuki Fujita

Pride Fighting Championships: Did you know that your nickname is Iron Head in the US?
Kazuyuki Fujita: No, that's the first time that I've heard it.
Pride: What's your weight?
Fujita: 115 kilos.
Pride: What do you plan to do in the fight with Fedor?
Fujita: I can't tell you now. I can say that we will see whose heart is stronger.
Pride: That last time you fought in Pride was 2 year ago against Takayama. Are you rusty?
Fujita: There are many events in Japan, besides Pride, so I have always been training and competing.
Pride: What have you been doing differently, in training, since your last appearance in Pride?
Fujita: I change my training depending on who I'm fighting and which event I'm fighting in. Training for conditioning, however, doesn't really change.
Pride: What is your opinion of Fedor as a fighter?
Fujita: He's very tough and it's hard to understand what he's going to do.
Pride: One time you said that when you walk into the ring, it's like walking to your own execution. Do you still feel that way?
Fujita: Yes, like the old-style public executions. When I'm getting hit or damaged by my opponent, the audience gets excited.
Pride: Do you think that's sick?
Fujita: I don't know.
Pride: In the US, people remember you for beating Mark Kerr and Ken Shamrock. What do you want them to remember you for now?
Fujita: Well, I'm more famous in Japan for making others famous, like K-1's Mirko. I don't know much about the US. I've never really though about how to become famous in the US.
Pride: Unfortunately, most people in the US didn't see your fights with Mirko because those shows weren't broadcast.
Fujita: Honestly, I've never really put much thought into it.