Mirko Filipovic

Pride Fighting Championships: Go ahead.
Mirko Filipovic: Go ahead what? You are supposed to start.
Pride: What do you expect out of Heath Herring in the fight?
Filipovic: I expect a good fight. What should I expect? I expect to win, of course.
Pride: Was the Sakuraba fight under PRIDE rules?
Filipovic: No. This is my first fight under PRIDE rules. Those were 5-minute rounds.
Pride: Does that put any more pressure on you?
Filipovic: No, not at all.
Pride: What are your hobbies?
Filipovic: Nothing special. I don't have much time. Playing cards, sometimes.
Pride: Poker?
Filipovic: No, I don't know how to play Poker. A Croatian game.
Pride: Like Russian roulette?
Filipovic: Yeah, something like that.
Pride: What's your favorite movie?
Filipovic: There are many that I like but The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is my favorite.
Pride: Why that one?
Filipovic: I like Clint Eastwood.
Pride: How's the married life treating you?
Filipovic: Good. Good.
Pride: And little Mirko is coming?
Filipovic: He's already here. He's already at home. My son.
Pride: Fighting?
Filipovic: So-so but he's only 3 months old.
Pride: Do you want him to fight?
Filipovic: Soccer or tennis is good enough for him.
Pride: What if he wants to fight?
Filipovic: No, I can't. I will convince him that tennis is better. Anything. Just not this.
Pride: That means he will rebel and become a fighter. What's your weight?
Filipovic: 104 kilos (230 lb).
Pride: So you've gained some weight. Does it make you slower?
Filipovic: We shall see.