Alistair Overeem

Pride Fighting Championships: What do you drive?
Alistair Overeem: I drive a Mercedes. It's a small car.
Pride: What's the last CD you had in there?
Overeem: I only listen to the radio.
Pride: Girlfriend?
Overeem: Yeah, about 2 years.
Pride: How did you meet her?
Overeem: I met her in a disco.
Pride: Do you still go to the discos?
Overeem: Only when I'm not fighting.
Pride: What are the Holland discos like?
Overeem: They are fun. What you want, you can get. You can go to the really big parties. And you've got after-parties but I don't like after-parties. I always go out, when I'm not fighting, and then I just go to bed. I do like big parties where like 50,000 people come. Mega-parties. There was one with 90,000.
Pride: When you're done fighting, would you like to be in movies or a model?
Overeem: Yeah, before I was fighting I wanted to be an actor. Maybe I could make a lot of money modeling but I don't think it's something for me. I'd rather fight or act.
Pride: What's the last movie that you saw that you liked?
Overeem: Insomnia with Al Pacino.
Pride: Pacino fan?
Overeem: Yeah, he's good.
Pride: Doing MMA, you've had the opportunity to travel all over the world. What is your favorite spot?
Overeem: I like Japan but I wouldn't want to live there. I've only been in the big cities and it's too busy for me.
Pride: Isn't it incredible how crowded it is?
Overeem: Yeah, it's too much. It's nice for about a week or so. Anything longer and you get crazy.
Pride: Is there another spot besides Holland that you would like to live in?
Overeem: I've been to Thailand. I like it there. It's cheap, good training and the weather is good.