Chuck Liddell

Pride Fighting Championships: Do you change as the fight approaches?
Chuck Liddell: Yeah, I do. I don't notice it as much as everyone else does. Everyone notices that I get a little more short with everything, a little more serious and a little less easygoing.
Pride: How old are you?
Liddell: 33.
Pride: Are you a big sports fan, outside of this?
Liddell: Yeah, I like sports.
Pride: What's your favorite?
Liddell: Football. Packers.
Pride: Why the Packers?
Liddell: It's a long story but my Grandpa was a Rams fan. I had a bet on him with it once when I was a kid. They sucked and the Rams were great that year but the Packers still managed to beat them.
Pride: How much did you win?
Liddell: I don't know. A couple of bucks.
Pride: I heard that you are an accounting major. What if you are working for one of these Enron-type companies as a CPA and the guy says "I cheated a little, is that cool?" Are you going to submit this guy or KO him or what?
Liddell: Well, I guess that depends on which side I'm on. If he's paying me, I'll try to get him off.
Pride: Who will you call first after the fight?
Liddell: I'll call my brother and let him call everybody else.
Pride: How old is he?
Liddell: My brother is 28.
Pride: Will you call him if you lose?
Liddell: Yes.
Pride: Is he a fighter?
Liddell: Not really. He trains but he doesn't compete.
Pride: Did you play any sports?
Liddell: Played football and wrestled in college.
Pride: What position?
Liddell: Linebacker. Outside linebacker in high school and middle linebacker in college.
Pride: Who do you like in sports?
Liddell: Guys like Walter Payton. He was bad. Lawrence Taylor, he was awesome. I like a lot of sports but I was never really star struck.
Pride: Do a lot of guys come to your fights?
Liddell: Yeah, I met a lot of basketball players.
Pride: Are you a hoops fan?
Liddell: I like it but I'm not a huge fan.
Pride: Just watch the big games?
Liddell: Yeah, I'm a big game watcher. It's the same with baseball. I like the playoffs. With basketball, I like the tournament.