Quinton Jackson

Quinton Jackson: Can I get you guys to mention some of my sponsors?
Pride Fighting Championships: Sure, who are they?
Jackson:,,,,, and made me a special mouthpiece that lights up when I'm howling so you can see lights in my mouth.
Pride: Does your attitude change when you approach the day of the fight?
Jackson: Shit, I don't even know. I'm two different people. When I'm working, I'm a different person and fighting is my job. I don't know.
Pride: Do the people around you notice anything?
Jackson: I think I'm the same, just playing video games.
Pride: What's your favorite?
Jackson: Well, your mom likes the one where you shoot the zombies with the gun. She always comes over to my house to play that one. She's pretty good at Halo.
Pride: Yeah, she was good at Duck Hunt back in the day.
Jackson: Yeah, I remember that. She was good back in the day. Me and your momma go way back.
Pride: What's your favorite food?
Jackson: Pizza. Deep dish meat lover's. I fuck that shit up.
Pride: You like Pizza Hut?
Jackson: It's got to be Pizza Hut. I don't like those hole in the wall places.
Pride: Do you like coffee?
Jackson: I don't do shit. I don't drink coffee. I'm a very picky person. There're a lot of foods that I don't eat. You'd be surprised.
Pride: What was the last good movie you saw?
Jackson: Bad Boys 2. It's a long movie. You'll get your money's worth.
Pride: What do you drive?
Jackson: A black Expedition.
Pride: Do your rims do that reverse spin?
Jackson: Yeah, they spin when you stop.
Pride: Last time you got out of your car, what were you listening to?
Jackson: 666 Mafia, they've got a song about those spinners.
Pride: They're from Memphis, right? Are you loyal to Memphis?
Jackson: Yeah. That's where I'm from, born and raised.
Pride: Are you a NFL fan?
Jackson: Not a sports fan. Only fighting and I barely watch that.
Pride: Will you watch any of the other fights?
Jackson: Yeah.
Pride: For scouting or enjoyment.
Jackson: Because I'm here. If I don't fight in Pride, I don't watch it. If my friends don't fight in the UFC, I don't watch it either. I'm just too busy doing other things.
Pride: Are you going to eventually get a platinum chain?
Jackson: When it gets rusty, I'll go by a new one. I'm not a sentimental person. Not really.
Pride: Do you do anything on fight day exactly the same, like a superstition?
Jackson: Some fighters probably save everything or do the same thing but I'm not like that. I've been wearing a chain since I was in high school. Shit happens to them. I forget them somewhere. They look bad after a while. What am I supposed to do, have all these rusty chains hanging up on the wall? I'll throw them away or give them to somebody that wants them. They can have it or they can pull their care with it. I don't care.