Paulo Ceasar Silva

Pride Fighting Championships: Where did you get the name Giant Silva? You're not that tall.
Giant Silva : Yeah, yeah.
Pride : Age, height and weight.
Silva : 7'2", 375lb and 39 years old.
Pride : How are you going to do on the ground?
Silva : I'll be fine. It will be a good show.
Pride : Since your debut, have you been working a lot on the ground?
Silva : A lot of standing and ground.
Pride : I think you surprised a lot people with your stamina in the first one.
Silva : Yeah, but now I've been training.
Pride : What do you do to relax?
Silva : Watch TV. I like to watch Animal Planet. Movies.
Pride : Do you watch Crocodile Hunter?
Silva : (laughing) yeah.
Pride : Your opponent is pretty short.
Silva : I don't know very much about him.
Pride : You're going to have to guard your legs.
Silva : Yeah. He's a sumo guy, right?
Pride : Yes, making his debut. You look good. Have you lost weight since your debut?
Silva : No, I gained weight. About 20 lbs. I feel good.
Pride : This guy is not going to be Heath Herring, too.
Silva : Jiu-jitsu is good but you can't get good in just 2 months.
Pride : Yeah, but you've had a taste of it and you know what not to do.
Silva : I learned some techniques.
Pride : Did you train boxing too?
Silva : Yeah. I have a boxing teacher?
Pride : What's your typical diet?
Silva : Lots of chicken, pasta, protein shakes.
Pride : It's good that you trained hard and gained weight. A lot of internet fans thought you were just hear for the show and didn't expect to see you again.
Silva : I'm learning. Slow steps. I'm not young, though.