Gan McGee

Pride Fighting Championships: Age, height and weight?
Gan McGee : 27, 6'10" and 295.
Pride : Have you been working on your stamina?
McGee : This was on short notice again but I'm in better shape than last time. I'm not perfect, by any means, though.
Pride : Have you seen Semmy Schilt fight before?
McGee : Yeah, I've seen him fight.
Pride : What threat does he pose to you?
McGee : He's a great kick boxer. He's got a lot of reach. He's actually one guy that I'd like to know that I'm fighting before hand. If I had known it was him, I would have gotten taller guys in to spar with.
Pride : What do you do to relax?
McGee : A lot of video games.
Pride : What games are you playing lately?
McGee : Some role-playing games. Splinter Cell.
Pride : Do you feel that you are going to have to change the way you come out fighting and take it to Semmy Schilt more, considering this is the Grand Prix? Or are you going to wait and see?
McGee : I'm not a game planner. My game plans are always loose. I just go out and fight. I'm sure it will be a different fight than Heath Herring. He's got a lot of reach.
Pride : What kind of trainer is Chuck Liddell? How does he prepare you?
McGee : He pushes me but he lets me be my own type of fighter.
Pride : Is he a hard trainer?
McGee : Yeah, he'll kick your ass and make you work hard but he's an athlete and he understands when he needs to back off or step it up. I've had wrestling coaches and I'd show up ready to go one day and they'd say go easy. I'd show up beat up another day and they'd want me to do too much.
Pride : You're known for your grappling as much as anything. Do you want to exploit that?
McGee : Sure but at the same time, if he's worried about that and keeping his hands down, I'll hit him in the face.
Pride : What do you hope to accomplish here? What does it mean to you?
McGee : It's a big deal being here competing for the Grand Prix Championships. I would have come if they had given me 2 days notice. It's a big deal. It's really important.
Pride : Anybody else you'd like to fight if you had the chance?
McGee : I don't care.
Pride : Do you do anything else, other than video games?
McGee : I shoot guns.