Pride Fighting Championships: How old are you?
Raou : 26.
Pride : Your opponent is Amoussou, from France. He's been in judo, like you. Who do you think is better in judo?
Raou : I've never fought him in judo so I can't say.
Pride : Do you know anything about him?
Raou : No but if we're going to fight, I'm confident that I will win.
Pride : What is your strategy?
Raou : I don't really have one.
Pride : You trained in judo at the Kodokan Dojo?
Raou : No, the Kodogakusha Dojo.
Pride : Your nickname Raou comes from one of the characters in Fist Of The North Star, right? What does that name mean?
Raou : My brother and my training partners told me before a fight that I should have a nickname. They said I looked like him so that's how I got the name.
Pride : What technique do you think you can win the fight with?
Raou : It depends on how the fight plays out. Regardless, I'll be aggressive and attack first.
Pride : What's your favorite finishing technique?
Raou : Nothing really.