Bertrand Amoussou

Pride Fighting Championships: Your 37?
Bertrand Amoussou : I'll be 38 on the 28 th of May.
Pride : You've got an extensive judo background. How will that help you in PRIDE?
Amoussou : I was in the Judo National Team in France . I competed for 10 year. French National Champ and European Champ. Then I competed in Jiu-Jitsu Fighting System. It's kind of judo and karate. I was the 3-time World Champion so I have a kickboxing background.
Pride : What are the rules?
Amoussou : The rules are karate rules. You have 3 rounds. Round 1 is kick and punch like karate. Round 2 is judo. Round 3 is ground fighting. You have to be good at all of them. They way you finish the match is to get ippon in all of them.
Pride : All kind of submissions?
Amoussou : Yes, including legs.
Pride : What is your background in standup fighting?
Amoussou : I trained in kickboxing with Valara, the guy who brought kickboxing to Europe .
Pride : Who is your main influence in judo?
Amoussou : My father.
Pride : Was he good?
Amoussou : Yes, he was a good judo player. He was supposed to fight in the Olympic Games in Munich but he couldn't compete because Benin , the country I am originally from, didn't pay the fees. He was ready but they didn't pay.
Pride : When did you come to France ?
Amoussou : When I was 4 years old.
Pride : Will your father be watching you fight?
Amoussou : He's not here but his heart is here.
Pride : When you are fighting on the ground, do you prefer to be on top or work from your guard?
Amoussou : Both. I don't have any preference.
Pride : What is the name of your team?
Amoussou : You have to understand, MMA is forbidden in France . I have my own school and we are trying to push the things to make it legal.
Pride : MMA is illegal in France ?
Amoussou : You can train. Nobody can come into your dojo and say don't do that. The main federation in France is the Judo Federation. If a new martial art comes, they ask the Judo Federation if it's good or not. And they just look at judo. If it's something else, forget it. I come from judo, though. Then I did jiu-jitsu. I tell them what I'm doing and they know me and know I'm serious.
Pride : Do you think it will be legal soon?
Amoussou : We are trying. I'm also the Chief Editor of Fight Sport. We have Fight Sport in France , too. We are trying to push it.