Shamoji Fujii

Pride Fighting Championships: Have you been working a lot on boxing?
Shamoji Fujii : Yes.
Pride : For how long?
Fujii : I've been kickboxing for a long time but boxing with my current coach for one year.
Pride : What have you improved the most since you were competing in Shooto?
Fujii : I wasn't a full-time fighter. I had to do jobs too but since I started training with Ogawa two years ago, I train all the time and have become able to focus on fighting. I've been able to train with a lot of fighters and gained experience.
Pride : You've got a lot more experience than your opponent. Do you think that will be a factor?
Fujii : Well, you never know how a fight will turn out. I don't think that fact alone helps me much.
Pride : What has been your most memorable fight in MMA? I know you fought against Takahashi in Pancrase.
Fujii : I wasn't satisfied with that fight because at that time, I couldn't train very much. Looking back on my career, I'm not very satisfied.
Pride : Do you feel more confident now as a fighter?
Fujii : Yes. I'm a lot less nervous before the fight than I ever was before. I can't say that I'm not scared but it's less than before.
Pride : How has Ogawa influenced you?
Fujii : Everything about me changed after I met him.
Pride : What do you enjoy doing when you are not training?
Fujii : Go out with girls.