Kim Jin O

Pride Fighting Championships: What is your style?
Kim Jin O : Judo.
Pride : How long have you trained in judo?
Kim : Since I was in High School, about 4 years.
Pride : Have you done any other martial arts?
Kim : I started doing MMA right after I stopped judo.
Pride : How long have you been training MMA?
Kim : One year. In Korea , men have to go immediately into military service for 3 years. That's why I don't have a long history in MMA.
Pride : You were involved in UDT in the military?
Kim : I was in the Korean Marines, the toughest branch. UDT is a special force, like the SEALS.
Pride : How does that training help your fighting here?
Kim : Physical and mental strength.
Pride : Have you competed in any other MMA events?
Kim : This is my first fight.
Pride : Have you watched any of the previous PRIDE events?
Kim : Yes, most of them.
Pride : Have you seen your opponent fight before?
Kim : No.
Pride : What is your game plan for this fight?
Kim : Punch, take down, ground and pound.
Pride : You want to finish by KO on the ground?
Kim : Yes.
Pride : Do you also train in submissions?
Kim : Yes.
Pride : Which do you prefer, finishing by KO or submission?
Kim : I would like to try some submissions but I think a KO is more likely.
Pride : Is PRIDE very popular in Korea ?
Kim : Yes.
Pride : What about MMA in general?
Kim : Yes, very much.
Pride : Will you friends and family be watching the event?
Kim : Yes.
Pride : Does that make you feel a lot of pressure to win the fight?
Kim : No.
Pride : What do you like to do when you are not fighting and training?
Kim : Play on the internet.