Aleksander Emelianenko

Pride Fighting Championships: What have you worked on since your last fight with Silva?
Alexander Emelianenko : I've been working with my brother, Fedor, and some other guys from St. Petersburg .
W e worked on the ground too, of course.
Pride : What have you done differently this time than the first time?
Emelianenko : Nothing in particular.
Pride : Were you satisfied with your performance in the 1 st fight?
Emelianenko : Yes.
Pride : As a sambo fighter, do you prefer leg locks over other submissions?
Emelianenko : We have a lot of other submissions in sambo, not just leg locks.
Pride : Did you fight with your brother as a child?
Emelianenko : Yes.
Pride : Who wins at home?
Emelianenko : We never seriously fight so there are no winners or losers.
Pride : Do you have a game plan to defeat the Twin Tiger?
Emelianenko : I have no game plan at all. I will figure out how to fight once I'm in the ring.
Pride : Do you prefer to end your fights by KO or submission?
Emelianenko : I don't really care. It depends on them fight.