Choi Mu Bae

Pride Fighting Championships: Have you studied any other styles of wrestling besides Greco Roman?
Choi Mu Bae : Submission wrestling and boxing.
Pride : Who do you train with for boxing?
Choi : A former World Champion.
Pride : How long have you been training boxing?
Choi : 3 months.
Pride : Do you feel like you are learning fast?
Choi : Yes.
Pride : How long have you studied submissions?
Choi : About 2 years.
Pride : Did Korea get to see your last fight?
Choi : Yes.
Pride : How was it received?
Choi : He is the first Korean to fight in PRIDE and he won so it was very well accepted.
Pride : Have you had any other fights?
Choi : No but I will fight next month.
Pride : How did you get involved with PRIDE?
Choi : There was a tour from Korea to come to Japan and watch PRIDE. Before the show, there was an event to meet Fedor. They told me to put Fedor in a submission so I put him in a headlock. I guess DSE noticed my potential.
Pride : Were you a PRIDE fan before?
Choi : Yes.
Pride : Have you been involved in any other martial arts?
Choi : Judo and taekwondo when I was in middle school. I've been the National Representative in greco roman wrestling for 8 years.
Pride : You excited the crowd when you suplexed Imamura. Do you plan on doing the same thing to Yamamoto?
Choi : It's possible.
Pride : How do you prefer to end the fight?
Choi : Ground and pound.
Pride : Who is your favorite PRIDE fighter?
Choi : Fedor.
Pride : Why is he your favorite?
Choi : I like his wrestling style. His punches are also very strong. He's well-rounded.
Pride : Have you ever worked out with any other PRIDE fighters?
Choi : Ikuhisa Minowa.
Pride : What did you think of him?
Choi : He is a hard trainer.
Pride : What are your goals for PRIDE?
Choi : I just want to do everything that I possibly can. I don't know how far I can go so I just want to do my best.
Pride : What do you do for fun?
Choi : I play "Go" on the internet.