Kazuo Misaki

Pride Fighting Championships: You come from Grabaka with Kikuta and Gono, both very good fighters. Last time Gono fought, a lot of people thought he didn't live up to expectations. Why do you think that was?
Kazuo Misaki : You should ask him.
Pride : Ok. Do you feel pressure now, representing Grabaka?
Misaki : There's no pressure as a team. It's a match between two individuals. I'm aware that I wear the Grabaka brand but I want to fight above that.
Pride : A lot of people feel that you are the next Yuki Kondo of Pancrase. How do you feel about that?
Misaki : I am myself. I just want to improve myself.
Pride : Do you look up to Kondo? Do you know each other?
Misaki : Of course, I know him. I think he's a great fighter. He's someone that I can learn from.
Pride : Who do you think will win between Silva and Kondo?
Misaki : That's tough. Someone has to win and someone has to lose. I think, however, that Kondo is the only Japanese fighter that can compete with him right now.
Pride : Do you feel that you are more proficient as a grappler or as a striker?
Misaki : I'm not sure but I really like to punch people.
Pride : So you prefer to keep the fight standing?
Misaki : I don't care. I just want to beat him down, standing or on the ground.
Pride : Your opponent is training with Chute Boxe but he is mainly a jiu-jitsu fighter. He hasn't had much striking training. Do you feel that will be your advantage in the fight?
Misaki : I want to win with speed, regardless of whether the fight is on the ground or standing.
Pride : Have you seen your opponent fight before?
Misaki : Yes, I saw it.
Pride : Did you see any places that you can exploit in your fight?
Misaki : He's an energetic fighter that comes right out from the beginning. I'll have to confuse him by being even faster than that, find an opening and go for it.
Pride : Do you consider yourself an aggressive fighter or a counter-fighter?
Misaki : I do both but mainly, I like to trade with the opponent.
Pride : What would you like American fans to know about you?
Misaki : I know that my opponent is a famous fighter, all across the world. By winning a big victory over him, I want my name to prevail in the United States .
Pride : What should the American fans watch for in your match?
Misaki : I want to show my Japanese spirit.