Jorge Macaco

Pride Fighting Championships: How are you today?
Jorge Patino Macaco : Good. Always happy.
Pride : How long have you been training with Chute Boxe?
Macaco : 4 months.
Pride : How is the training at Chute Boxe?
Macaco : The best thing is having 8 teachers. They are always training me in hard positions. I'm not a striker but now I can. They teach me punches, kicks, knees and cardio. There are professional fighters in my club and I owe a lot to Chute Boxe. I like their professionality.
Pride : What do you see that Chute Boxe has to offer to make your game better than before?
Macaco : Chute Boxe changed my life. I'm a 100% new fighter. I've improved my striking, my cardio, I can think better in the fights, I'm more aggressive and I've got better techniques. They changed my life.
Pride : They are not only teaching you techniques but also how to think about the fight?
Macaco : They teach me to techniques and how to be aggressive in the fight. It's a complete package. Perfection starts in the training. I'm training 2 times a day for 4 months.
Pride : Who gave you the nickname "The Monkey"?
Macaco : When I was 11 or 12 years old, there was a girl that liked me at the beach. I'm small and strong so she called me "monkey". So, my friends started calling me monkey. When I fought jiu-jitsu, I rolled and jumped a lot and after entering vale tudo, everyone called me monkey. Now I'm "The Monkey."
Pride : Do you have any main training partners at Chute Boxe?
Macaco : All of the Chute Boxe fighters train with me. I train with all of them.
Pride : That must be rough sparring practice with Wanderlei and all those guys.
Macaco : Yeah, Wanderlei's the top guy in the team. I try to train well with them. I learn a lot of good techniques from training with Wanderlei. They show me many positions.
Pride : What is the biggest benefit from training there?
Macaco : These guys believe in me and open doors for me. They believe in me. That's the most important thing. We train all the time and my blood is Chute Boxe.
Pride : How have the coaches prepared you mentally for this fight?
Macaco : These guys are my family. They encourage me all the time. Kick more. Roll your hips more. It's a family atmosphere. We are friends. They like me. I like them.
Pride : It seems like Chute Boxe is like a family. They are very supportive of each other. How does that compare to the other places you've trained at?
Macaco : In the beginning, I was in my gym. I thought I knew what vale tudo was but after I joined Chute Boxe, it was a new experience for me. I didn't think there was anything else but now, they teach me many new things. Their preparation of their fighters is their secret. They have many guys with a lot of potential. We train in the morning, after lunch, after sleeping and you wake up and train again. My life is training.
Pride : What other martial arts have you done?
Macaco : I've done judo, jiu-jitsu, started learning muay thai in my gym but now I'm in Chute Boxe and learning real muay thai. It's very different. Also, weight training.
Pride : What fighters are your biggest influences?
Macaco : I saw Renzo and Ralph Gracie fighting in vale tudo and that was when I became interested. I saw that and said that I wanted to fight that way. Then I saw Royce Gracie fighting big guys. I was watching that on TV with my friends and I said, "I want to fight this." They said "Shut up, man" but now, here I am. I look at guys like Wanderlei Silva and see their good punches, they are very strong and they train all day. My idol now is Wanderlei.