Daijyu Takase

Pride Fighting Championships: You've been in every Bushido.
Daijyu Takase : Thanks to you.
Pride : Last time, against Brennan, you said that you weren't at 100%. What about now?
Takase : I'm never at 100%.
Pride : Are you looking forward to fighting Carlos Newton?
Takase : Yes, very much.
Pride : You are both very accomplished grapplers. Is that what we should expect here?
Takase : That's what I want but it's up to Carlos.
Pride : What will it take for you to bet Carlos?
Takase : I'd like to finish with a choke but I'll have to strike a lot before that.
Pride : If Carlos doesn't try to take you down, will you try to take him down?
Takase : Yes but if that's the case, I may go with striking.
Pride : You don't mind standing with him?
Takase : I prefer to fight on the ground but I may stand up.
Pride : What percentage of your training has been for stand up fighting?
Takase : I did a lot of standing training but I've also been training at Grabaka for ground techniques. I'd say 50/50.
Pride : You dominated Chris Brennan in your last fight but you weren't able to finish him. Does that bother you?
Takase : That was too bad. It was not good for me that I couldn't finish him.
Pride : You represented Japan in Abu Dhabi and many Japanese fighters say that you are the best in Japan . How do you feel that you stand in Japan , among all the grapplers?
Takase : It's an honor for me. I heard that overseas too guys like Eddie Bravo have said I am strong. I'm very happy to hear that.
Pride : What would you like the American fans to know?
Takase : When I go to the U.S. , so people recognize me and call my name. I have some friends in America and they often tell me what people are saying about me. If I get the chance, I'd like to fight in America . I consider the American fans just as important as the American fans.
Pride : What should we watch for during your fight?
Takase : I'll do some amazing movements that you've never seen before. I'll make everyone call me "amazing!"