Chalid Arrab

Pride Fighting Championships: Is it less pressure for you now that you've been in PRIDE once already?
Chalid Die Faust : It's the same as always. A fight is a fight.
Pride : How's the training going?
Chalid : Much better because I started wrestling more. Getting used to the ground. I feel much more comfortable than before, actually. I was training in freestyle wrestling before but that's really different than before. You can use it very well but it's not all. That's why I started to train in different things. It gave me a lot of confidence that likes to work on the ground. How to get up again, how to use their mistakes and how to get up again. We train a lot of basic things.
Pride : Do you work on submissions?
Chalid : Yes, of course.
Pride : The last time we saw Nakamura, he showed some improved striking with Dos Caras, Jr. Do you think that he might want to strike with you?
Chalid : I hope he will but I don't think he will stand up with me.
Pride : So, you think he will take it to the ground?
Chalid : He may think so but like I said, I prepared for him very well.
Pride : Have you found any weak points in Ralph?
Chalid : What is the biggest thing you have to watch out for?
Pride : What would you like the American fans to know about you?
Chalid : I don't know what his biggest strength is. I think my biggest mistake could be not concentrating enough. It would be a mistake for me to think he's not very good and to underestimate him.
Pride : Are you in Holland training now?
Chalid : Yes.
Pride : How's everything with Golden Glory?
Chalid : Everyone is very good.
Pride : Why do you think Golden Glory is so good?
Chalid : They are open and they like for us to go and train at other places. We can learn from anybody and we learn from each other.
Pride : Anything else going on in your lives? New girlfriend? Getting married?
Chalid : No. (laughing) Nobody wants me!
Pride : You said earlier that you are going to the Big Brother House. Is that on TV in Germany ?
Chalid : Yes, it's going to be a promotion thing for PRIDE, to make the sport famous in Germany . The people there still have a wrong idea about the sport.
Pride : When is that?
Chalid : Right after this fight ends.
Pride : How long have you lived in Holland ?
Chalid : Four years
Pride : Did you go there to train?
Chalid : Yes, for training.
Pride : Why did you decide to go to Holland ?
Chalid : I was training before in Germany but my teacher sent us to Holland . He said if you want to be the best, you have to go to the best. He sent me to Holland and then Cor offered for us to stay there and join the team. I fought in a tournament in Moscow after only 2 months training on the ground. Heath and I were the only foreign people there. I fought for 18 minutes.
Pride : That was your debut?
Chalid : Yes, after 2 months training. I didn't know anything about takedowns, defending takedowns or anything.
Pride : What was the end result?
Chalid : End result was that I knocked him out. After that, Bas Boon asked me to fight again. I beat that guy in 20 seconds and then Bas came back to me and asked me to join the team.
Pride : What do you think they saw in you?
Chalid : In our team, everybody has his own special strength. I'm more of a boxer. I'm the boxer.
Pride : Did you fight as an amateur boxer?
Chalid : Yes, 37 fights. 34 wins and 31 KOs
Pride : Do you prefer to always keep your fights standing?
Chalid : Yeah. I think the standing level here is not so high.
Pride : You said that Wanderlei Silva is your ultimate goal.
Chalid : If he's still the Champion, I want to.