Hiromitsu Kanehara

Pride Fighting Championships: How's your knee? You've been away for a long time.
Hiromitsu Kanehara : It's fine.
Pride : I read that you wanted to fight Mirko before. Now you have the chance. He's coming off the biggest loss of his career. How do you feel about that?
Kanehara : I always wanted to fight Mirko but because we are in different weight classes, I never thought I'd have the opportunity.
Pride : A lot of people have tried to avoid Mirko after watching what he has done in the ring. What makes you want to fight him?
Kanehara : If you're going to become strong, you've got to beat strong men.
Pride : Would you prefer to strike with Mirko or try to take him to the ground?
Kanehara : Mirko is really strong in striking. I'd like to take him down if possible but even that is really difficult. It's case by case. I guess I'd like to work for a submission.
Pride : Have you been practicing your left hook?
Kanehara : (laughing) Yes.
Pride : Did you watch his fight with Kevin Randleman and did you learn something from it?
Kanehara : I can't use that fake anymore. I had thought before that I would like to fake a takedown and then go for the left hook but now that it's been used, I can't do it. I'll do something different.
Pride : How long have you known that you will Mirko?
Kanehara : After the Golden Week holiday in Japan. About 2 and a half weeks ago. Maybe 20 days.
Pride : Were you already training to fight?
Kanehara : Yes, as usual.
Pride : What did you change in your training, after you knew Mirko was your opponent?
Kanehara : I changed a lot actually. I'm a striker and I usually break the tackle and strike. Now that I know I'm fighting Mirko, I've started to practice my tackles.
Pride : Do you have any training partners that imitate Mirko in your training?
Kanehara : I didn't have anyone like that but I would have my training partners fight left-handed.
Pride : What is the new technique that you are going to use against Mirko, now that Randleman has used the left hook?
Kanehara : Mirko's responses are very good. That is his good point and I would like to take advantage of that.
Pride : Will you try to use the ring ropes to cut off Mirko and put his back against the ropes for the takedown?
Kanehara : I'd like to do that, if possible.
Pride : Have you been practicing taking him down from the ropes?
Kanehara : Yes but I won't know if I can do it until I try. I may try to push him once but if he's too strong, it will just wear me out. I don't think I will push him too much.
Pride : What would you like the American fans to know about you?
Kanehara : I would like for them to recognize my spirit and my courage.