Ryo Chonan

Pride Fighting Championships: Who will be in your corner?
Ryo Chonan : Yokoi, my good friend. Riki Onodera and Yoshida.
Pride : How do you feel about fighting in PRIDE?
Chonan : I want to show how dangerous I am so all the fighters know it. (laughing)
Pride : Would you say that your biggest victory was against Mach Sakurai?
Chonan : It's only the beginning of my career. (laughing)
Pride : Have you trained a lot on the ground for this fight? Almeida is a very good ground fighter.
Chonan : No. Conversely, I trained my striking ever more intensely.
Pride : So, you want to keep it standing?
Chonan : Yes.
Pride : Have you worked on your takedown defense a lot?
Chonan : That's my weak point so I hope (Almeida) will have fun doing that. I know that I can overwhelm him with striking, though.
Pride : Have you seen Almeida fight?
Chonan : Almost all of them.
Pride : Did you see any weak points you can use?
Chonan : No, I didn't find any. (laughing) He's perfect!
Pride : What would you like the American fans to know about you?
Chonan : I will fight in the cage eventually so look forward to it. (laughing)
Pride : You have a good sense of humor. What do you do for fun?
Chonan : I love to ride my bike but I wrecked it. Now, I have to fight to earn money to buy another one.
Pride : What should we watch for during the fight?
Chonan : I'll show you that I'm like a Japanese hurricane.
Pride : Do you always prefer to standup or do you occasionally like to fight on the ground?
Chonan : I never fight on the ground. I train to fight on the ground on practice, of course, but in fights I always strike.
Pride : What if Almeida takes you down and you get on the bottom?
Chonan : I'll strike from the bottom.