Takanori Gomi

Pride Fighting Championships: You were the big star for Japan in the past Bushido. What do you most enjoy about being a fighter in Japan?
Takanori Gomi : PRIDE is different than where I came from. I just want to do my best in the PRIDE ring and give the fans a good time so they can go home satisfied.
Pride : You're a very good striker and you obviously worked on that. Your opponent, Ralph, is a good striker, too. Do you want to keep it standing up or are you comfortable on the ground with a Gracie?
Gomi : My game plan is confidential but I can promise that I will do my best.
Pride : Did you see the fight between Mishima and Ralph?
Gomi : Yes, I saw it.
Pride : What is your opinion on each of their performances?
Gomi : Mishima is a top ground fighter in Japan so for Ralph to beat him on the ground is an accomplishment. His boxing was good, too. I think Mishima went along with Ralph on the ground too much.
Pride : You are considered the 2 nd best fighter, after B.J. Penn, in your weight class. Is there any extra pressure to perform at that level or do you not worry about that kind of stuff?
Gomi : Well, I lost to B.J. but luckily, he's not very well known in Japan. (laughing) I don't know how everyone in the world thinks about me but I think this is a fight that I must win, in order to fight B.J. again.
Pride : Have you found any weak points in Ralph?
Gomi : He's a Gracie so I couldn't really find any weak points. What I thought was that I have to be fast and sharp to control the fight. Ralph is really a ground fighter with good boxing skills.
Pride : What would you like the American fans to know about you?
Gomi : I want to beat this Gracie and spread my name in the United States.
Pride : During the fight, what should the fans expect from you?
Gomi : I will continue fighting until the very end and I want to have another match with B.J Penn or someone near his level.
Pride : Would you like to fight B.J. in Hawaii again or another location?
Gomi : Anywhere, as long as my opponent is B.J.