Ralph Gracie

Pride Fighting Championships: How old are you?
Ralph Gracie : 32. Almost 33.
Pride : 5'9 and 155lbs?
Ralph : 162lbs.
Pride : What have you been up to since the last Bushido?
Ralph : Running my academies and training.
Pride : You look like you're in pretty good shape.
Ralph : Yeah, I lost some weight.
Pride : What have you been doing? Typical Gracie training? Working standup too?
Ralph : Working standup but mostly training on the ground.
Pride : Do you feel now that you have to do more standup with the way the sport's going or do you feel comfortable just taking them down and relying on your jiu-jitsu skills?
Ralph : I feel comfortable taking them down. Everybody knows jiu-jitsu now but we want to be guys that know how to do jiu-jitsu and strike, too.
Pride : Do you have any boxing or kickboxing coaches?
Ralph : No.
Pride : You were an amateur boxer, right?
Ralph : Yeah.
Pride : How many fights did you have?
Ralph : No fights, just training.
Pride : Where is your school at?
Ralph : I have 7 academies. The main ones are in San Francisco and Mountain View .
Pride : Do you feel Ryan has any particular weaknesses?
Ralph : We heard a rumor that you used to train B.J. Penn.
Pride : How about conditioning? What factor do you think it will play?
Ralph : I used to teach him when he was living in California . I taught him for 3~4 years.
Pride : Did you see his potential then?
Ralph : He was good.
Pride : Did he have any prior experience before he trained with you?
Ralph : No. I was his first jiu-jitsu teacher. When he fought his first vale tudo match, he was fighting for me.
Pride : You're taking on Gomi, who a lot of people consider to be a top-3 fighter. You looked very good against Mishima in Bushido 2. What do you think of Gomi? Do you agree with the hype?
Ralph : Yeah, I think he's good.
Pride : What do you think you have to watch out for?
Ralph : He's got good standup. I have to watch for everything. In fights, things change. You can be fighting standing up one day and the next, you're fighting on the ground. The way I see it, I cannot predict what I'm doing. Whatever comes, I'll be ready for it.
Pride : Did you feel nervous after you long layoff?
Ralph : No. Training in the academy is worst than fighting in the actual ring.
Pride : Do you feel the same now as for the first fight?
Ralph : Yes. I feel more nervous talking here than in the ring.
Pride : What are the biggest differences in the sport that you have seen in the 5 years you've been gone?
Ralph : I try to think it hasn't changed too much or otherwise, I wouldn't want to fight. The rules changed a little bet.
Pride : For the better or for the worse?
Ralph : Both ways. Right now, it's a little more professional.
Pride : What are your goals, now that you've returned?
Ralph : Just taking it one fight at a time.
Pride : Anybody that you'd like to fight?
Ralph : To tell you the truth, I don't know many people. I don't really follow the people. When I'm not training, I turn it off.
Pride : What do you do when you're not training?
Ralph : I like to play video games?
Pride : What games?
Ralph : Counter-Strike.