Ikuhisa Minowa

Pride Fighting Championships: Third time is the charm, right?
Ikuhisa Minowa : Yes.
Pride : This is your third time in PRIDE so we expect a big win.
Minowa : Of course, I will do that.
Pride : So, you're 28 years old, right?
Minowa : Yes.
Pride : You look bigger than last time.
Minowa : Yes, I gained a little weight.
Pride : What have you been doing since your last fight with Silva?
Minowa : I went to Thailand and trained in muay thai for 2 months.
Pride : I heard that you fought in muay thai as well.
Minowa : Yes, I did. I KO'd my opponent in the 2 nd round with a right high-kick.
Pride : What have you learned the most from fighting two of the best fighters, Jackson and Silva? What can you use for the next time?
Minowa : I learned how high the PRIDE standard is and I learned that I've still got things that need to be improved. Especially, working on conditioning.
Pride : Do you feel that your biggest area to work on is striking, since you went to Thailand ?
Minowa : Exactly. In addition to needing work, I had always wanted to train in Thailand .
Pride : What is your game plan against Ryan?
Minowa : It's a secret.
Pride : Do you feel Ryan has any particular weaknesses?
Minowa : His tackle.
Pride : How about conditioning? What factor do you think it will play?
Minowa : Conditioning and stamina will play a critical role in this fight.
Pride : Can you use your conditioning to gain an advantage over Ryan?
Minowa : I don't know his condition. My condition in the 2 nd fight was better than the first. My conditioning this time is even greater.
Pride : What do you think you need to get to the PRIDE level?
Minowa : Confidence.
Pride : We noticed that you start the fight very quickly. Is that your style or do you want to learn how to calm down and let the fight play itself out?
Minowa : It's up to how I feel when I enter the ring. I won't know how I will be until the day of the fight.
Pride : Have you ever thought that you need to change your game plan?
Minowa : I always think that. I always try to change every time. I only have 15-20 minutes for each fight and I want it to be very intensive. In order to fight a good fight, I always want to be aggressive from the very beginning. I want to make it a fight between hearts.
Pride : Is it just as much about putting on a show for the fans or is about focusing on the fight?
Minowa : Both. I want to fight and have as much fun as I can. If I enjoy the fight, I'm sure the fans will enjoy the fight, too.
Pride : When you were in Thailand , what skills did you improve the most?
Minowa : Stamina.
Pride : What kind of training did you do to increase your stamina?
Minowa : I had never really ran before but I was running all the time. Kicking, mitt work, sandbags, a lot of basic stuff like that.
Pride : Silva and Jackson were bigger and heavier in your fights against them. Ryan is also bigger. Did you learn anything from the first 2 fights about how to fight heavy and strong opponents?
Minowa : I want to nullify the difference in our sizes. We are both just humans and just being big doesn't make your strong.