Ryan Gracie

Pride Fighting Championships: How tall are you?
Ryan Gracie : 5'11".
Pride : Renzo will be in your corner?
Ryan : Yes.
Pride : How do you feel about your fight on Sunday?
Ryan : Good.
Pride : Ready to put on another good show?
Ryan : Sure.
Pride : What did you and Renzo train on the last few weeks?
Ryan : A lot of jiu-jitsu training.
Pride : What do you want to accomplish, not only in this fight but in you're your career?
Ryan : Sakuraba and Yoshida. I want those two guys.
Pride : Anything else.
Ryan : No.
Pride : What do you know about Minowa?
Ryan : He's a very good opponent but he's not a threat to me. I'm going to beat him up.
Pride : Did you see anything in Minowa's last two losses that you can exploit?
Ryan : You couldn't see much because the fights were so fast.
Pride : In both of those fights, they beat Minowa up on the ground quite a bit. Do you feel that's a good strategy?
Ryan : I'm going to beat them on the feet and on the ground.
Pride : Have you been training boxing?
Ryan : I train with my brother. He teaches me.
Pride : When you're in New York , you train with Renzo. When you're in Brazil , where do you train?
Ryan : In my academy.
Pride : Who are your main training partners?
Ryan : Gabriel Vella, he fought Kondo in Pancrase. He drew Kondo in his first MMA match. And Fabio Leopoldo, a multiple world champion in jiu-jtisu. Fabio just had his first MMA match and TKO'd the opponent in 20 seconds.
Pride : Are you going to try to end the fight quickly or take your time?
Ryan : Quickly.
Pride : What's your favorite movie?
Ralph : Movie? Scarface (laughing).