Quinton Jackson

Quinton Jackson: I want to thanks some sponsors. Lord and Son's Construction...for all your construction supplies. Serious Pimp. I also want to think Jim...damn, forgot his last name. I think Santanello. He helped out so much with the new gym. It's going to be 15,000 square feet. A big ass gym.
Pride Fighting Championships: What's the name?
Jackson: No Limit Fighting Sports and Fitness. It opens August 1st. I'd also like to thank my friend, Shorty. I've got more sponsors but I can't think right now.
Pride: You have to fight Arona to get to Wanderlei. What are your thoughts about this fight?
Jackson: I think it will be one of my toughest fights to date.
Pride: Why?
Jackson: I haven't fought in a while.
Pride: I heard that your hand was at 80%.
Jackson: It's alright. It will be fine as long as they let me tape it. The reason I broke my hand was because they wouldn't let me tape the way I normally tape. As a result of that, I broke my hand and now I need extra tape.
Pride: You've got a son, right?
Jackson: Yeah. Dedicate this fight to him if I win.
Pride: If you lose, we'll dedicate it to your ex. You're good at marketing yourself in this sport. Although the fight's important, you've got to have a personality in this day and age.
Jackson: I tell my teammates that, but a big problem is that a lot of fighters are shy. Why do you think pro-wrestling does so well? Those guys have charisma.
Pride: You don't to turn MMA into a circus but we need more character.
Jackson: Sometimes we don't want to be too cocky, though. Have to worry about Karma.
Pride: What's your favorite training music?
Jackson: I have no control over the music when I train. The kickboxing guys play music while I train.
Pride: Are you comfortable standing and on the ground?
Jackson: As long as I'm not on my back.
Pride: Are you going to slam him?
Jackson: I don't know. Everybody's waiting for the slams but I tell you what, I never plan them.
Pride: A lot of people say that you open yourself up to counters when you try the slams. Jackson;
Jackson: Yeah, that's true. I never plan the slams. I'm usually not happy with them. It comes when it comes. I know he's waiting for me to slam him so he can try something. I will be a little more tricky this time.