Mark Hunt

Pride Fighting Championships: What's your height and weight?
Mark Hunt: About 5'9", 250.
Pride: How do you feel about PRIDE fighting?
Hunt: It's a lot different than I thought. There's a lot to learn. I've learned just a few escapes.
Pride: When did you start training?
Hunt: No comment. I've been practicing my ground game for quite a bit. It's very different.
Pride: What do you think of Yoshida as a fighter?
Hunt: It's an honor for me to fight a Gold Medalist. I saw his fight against Wanderlei. He knows what he's doing.
Pride: Did you train with people wearing a gi?
Hunt: Yes. I'm looking forward to it.
Pride: What's the fight plan?
Hunt: I'll have to see what happens. I've been on the ground before but never properly pounded.
Pride: I don't think you need to worry about getting KO'd, even on the ground.
Hunt: I'm pretty hard to knock out. I shouldn't be saying that, I guess...
Pride: How's your knee?
Hunt: It's good. Feels good.
Pride: What do you do when you're not training?
Hunt: Eat and play video games.
Pride: What is your favorite video game?
Hunt: Counter-Strike.
Pride: How do you react to Yoshida hiring your former trainer?
Hunt: I reckon he should be shot. (laughing) Happy was already training Yoshida for another fight before. He was training Yoshida before this fight.
Pride: Does it affect you that Happy will be in his corner?
Hunt: It put the fire in me. We'd finished up before then, anyway.
Pride: How's the weather at home?
Hunt: It's cold.
Pride: When was your last fight?
Hunt: About a year and a half ago.
Pride: Are you in good shape?
Hunt: I trained as hard as I could. I can't really make any excuses.
Pride: How did you feel on the ground, after training for awhile?
Hunt: You can't learn all that stuff in a few weeks but I learned how not to panic on the ground.
Pride: Are you married?
Hunt: No.
Pride: Kids?
Hunt: A girl and a boy.