Ricardo Arona

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel?
Ricardo Arona: I feel great. It feels good to fight.
Pride: Have you fought at all since you had your foot injury?
Arona: No, this will be the first time.
Pride: When was the last time you fought?
Arona: In November of 2002, against Ninja. I broke my foot right before the Grand Prix last year.
Pride: What have you worked on the most?
Arona: I trained a lot of boxing, more than normal.
Pride: Are you going to submit him?
Arona: That's the plan.
Pride: Who were you steady training partners?
Arona: Minotauro, Mario, Murilo...the same guys as always.
Pride: What has changed in your life?
Arona: Nothing new.
Pride: What do you do to relax?
Arona: I love to surf and climb. I love nature.
Pride: What kind of music do you like?
Arona: I listen to a lot of different music. I like all kinds. I prefer hip-hop for my entrance.
Pride: Do you guys train with music?
Arona: No. Only when I train alone.
Pride: The game plan is to take him down, right?
Arona: Yeah. If I can't standup with him, I will take him down.
Pride: Quinton is really strong but you may be stronger. Do you think you can control him?
Arona: I think so. I've fought with a lot of strong guys and have a lot of experience in the clinch. I've made a strategy for him. It's cool. Let's go.
Pride: You're going to box a little bit?
Arona: Yeah, but I have to be careful about that because he has strong punches. Like I said, though, I've been training and I just want to standup so I can look for the right moment to get the takedown. I will surprise him.
Pride: Have you worked on kicking and knees?
Arona: I love muay thai. I hope I can show that, too. I'm no Bas Rutten but I am training.